WCAD Series - Voelvlei Dam past Wellington

When: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Main Activity: Adventure Racing

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Event detail

Picture for article This is the second WCAD race and will take place on 21 April at Voelvlei Dam past Wellington. There will be an optional paddle section and other interesting surprise legs in this course! Be excited!

The first 10 team entries (long or short course) will be placed in a draw for a R2000 goodies hamper including products from Glider Eyewear, Karrimor, Capestorm, Civvio and Castle Lite. Don't delay!!!

Silwerfontein Farm, Voelvlei Dam, 30km east of Wellington

Race Registration:      Fri 20th - Silwerfontein Farm, 20h00 - 21h30
                                   Sat 21st - Silwerfontein Farm, 06h00 - 07h30
Race briefing:            Sat 21st - Silwerfontein Farm 07h30

MTB, Run/hike, flat water paddle, micro-navigation
  • All disciplines will require basic navigation
  • The race will be in a "clover leaf" format, and all transitions will be at the central event hub.
  • The race is unsupported, (no seconds required)
  • Maps to be collected during registration
  • All maps will be pre-plotted
  • No other maps or navigational aids may be used during the race, any teams found to be using Google Maps, Smartphone maps, etc will be instantly disqualified.
Race Format:
Leg 1 - Micro Navigation/Orienteering (long course - 10km, short course 6km)
Leg 2 - MTB (long course - 55km, short course 25km)
Leg 3 - Paddle (long course - 16km, short course 7.5km)
Leg 4 - Run/Hike (long course - 18km, short course 14km)


You are encouraged to bring your own canoes/surf ski's/crocs, etc. There is no restriction on type of craft as long as it is a paddle craft. Team Picture for article members can paddle their own craft (but remain together at all times) or a double craft.

Hire boats will be provided on request, at an additional cost. ( for more info on boat hire)

Entry Fee:
Long Course: R650.00 per team of 2
Short Course: R450.00 per team of 2

To enter email


The following accommodation is available on a 1st come, 1st serve basis on the farm
  • Self Catering Cottages @ R175.00pp per night - 2 cottages sleeping 7 in total
  • Converted double Decker bus @ R75.00pp per night - sleeps 10 in total
The bus has a gas braai, running water, outside shower (cold) and a flush toilet. NO OPEN FIRES allowed by the Bus Base Camp. All water, food, ice boxes, bedding, lights,
etc. needs to brought in
  • Camping - 100m from the start/finish venue @R50.00pp per night - unlimited accommodation. Running water and ablutions will be provided
Accommodation needs to be booked/paid for through WCAD directly via bank EFT. To book accommodation, please email us on

Race Rules:
1. General Team Rules
  • The event must be started and completed by the entire team.
  • All members of the team must be within visual and hearing distance of all other members of their team at all times, i.e. spread over no more than 100m.
  • No substitutions during the race will be allowed.
  • The team is to complete the entire event without any assistance.
  • Teams receiving any form of assistance, including medical assistance, whilst not in a transition area, Picture for article will be disqualified.
  • Teams are required to pass through all transitions and checkpoints in the order designated by the Organiser.
  • Teams will visit designated transitions areas to change racing disciplines, refill their supplies, change clothing and gear, and sleep if necessary.
  • Teams only have to carry compulsory gear but are welcome to take more equipment if needed.
  • All team members are required to pass through all transitions and checkpoints together.
  • While organisers do try to avoid bottlenecks, delays may cause teams to wait their turn to complete a discipline. If the delay time is to be returned to the team, the marshal will record their time of arrival at the discipline and time of start of the discipline.
  • Kit inspection may take place at any point in the race. Teams will have to report to an official for kit inspection on request.
  • No GPS or Google Maps may be used during the race, any teams found doing so will be disqualified.
2. Secondary Support
  • No Team support members will be required. Supporters are welcome to support their teams progress at designated viewpoints. These areas will be indicated at race briefing.
  • No physical support is allowed. Any form of physical support will lead to the teams disqualification.
  • Supporters may provide moral support in any transition areas.
  • Supporters are to have read these Standard Rules and Regulations.
3. First Aid
  • Medical treatment within transition areas is limited to basic first aid and advice. Should a racer require advanced life support, active fluid replacement therapy (IV), the administration of any oral or intravenous drug, then that racer, subject to the Picture for article Race Directors final decision, will be prevented from continuing with the event.
  • The medical advisors has the authority, on confirmation of the Race Director, to withdraw a racer from an event should the racers further participation in the event possibly result in permanent injury, disability or death to the racer or his/her teammates.
  • Racers are obliged to carry the teams personal medications in the team first aid kit or on the person concerned. The medical crew will not be on hand to supply personal medication should the team concerned have failed to supply their own.
4. Disqualification/Time Penalties
  • Any team transgressing the 100meter, visual and hearing distance rule will be disqualified.
  • Any team found not to be equipped with the compulsory equipment, as specified, during a kit inspection, will not be allowed to start the event.
  • Any team found not to be equipped with the compulsory equipment during the race will be given a two hour penalty per missing item, to be added on to final racing time.
  • Any team found to have transgressed the rules and regulations of the event and/or acting contrary to the spirit of the event will be liable for disqualification.
  • The Race Director may impose a disqualification or penalty taking into consideration the spirit of the event. A statement will be requested from the applicable team captain should they wish to explain or justify the teams actions.
5. Spirit of the WCAD Events
  • Not cheating with regard to the rules and regulations of this event and the sport.
  • Where one team finds another in need of



Disclaimer: This info is accurate at time of posting. Please confirm in good time prior to the event.
Contact Mark Dickson on (082) 469-5586 if you have any questions or need additional help with this activity.