Wild Trail - Amanzingwe Lodge

When: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where: Amanzingwe Lodge
Main Activity: Trail Running

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-25.8123, 27.8902

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Ladies' Trail Tee
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Race morning started with an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Word had gotten around that the race was technical and the crowd was abuzz with speculation about the difficulty ... [More...]

Event detail

10km - 12km long or 5km - 7km short

Start times

Long: 9h00am / Short 9h15am / Walkers 9:30
All Walkers will start at the same time for both routes

Pre-entries are limited to strictly 450 entries
Race day entries limited to strictly 100 entries (first-come-first-serve basis)

Route Description

Both routes will have some steep inclines and declines with some technical sections

Amanzingwe offers trail runners the following on race day:
• On arrival Tea & Coffee with a Muffin OR Scones - R10-00 pp
• ‘Lunch/brunch’ Lasagne, Breadroll & Salad - R45-00 pp / Chicken Curry & Rice - R45-00 pp / Burger & Chips - R45-00 pp

Accommodation Special
2 Sharing, Bed & Breakfast in luxury unit - R850-00 per Unit
To book accommodation, contact them directly.



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Event Reports

's report

Added on Fri, 5 Aug 2011 0:00 AM

Race morning started with an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Word had gotten around that the race was technical and the crowd was abuzz with speculation about the difficulty of the race and what were to be expected. The Amanzingwe Lodge provided coffee free of charge on the comfortable decks with a beautiful view of the valley below while sponsors offered some sound advice and product information.

The race registration and pre-entry process by Racetime was efficient and painless. The queues moved very quickly and all entries were processed well before the start of the race. The long trail started at 09:00, exactly as advertised and the runners were on their way. The first 5km of the long trail constituted the short trail. The short trail runners started 5 minutes later at 09:05.

The first two kilometres followed jeep track, which allowed the runners to space themselves in such a way that runners of similar speeds were grouped together by the time single track through the forest started. In the forest the runners became hushed, and with the early morning sunrays breaking through the trees in places, being there had quite a mystical feel to it. Earlier that morning I had spotted a herd of kudu there, but with all the runners around there was no sign of them anymore. The single track through the forest became single track in the river bed and then up a rocky slope to a zipline tower and back onto jeep track which led to a steep single track hill, followed by a slate covered steep downhill, a quick stint on jeep track again and a second very steep grassy hill. By now the consensus was that the trail was indeed "technical"!

The trail continued down a short jeep track, down a gully and into the river bed again. This time runners had to climb down slippery, moss covered rock and then cross the stream back into the forest. The 5km race ended with a nice steep uphill into the finish, and the 11.9km split away from the finish onto short easy jeep track. The gentlemen from Hammer Nutrition hosted a most welcome water table here. From the water table, there was a short climb on game track followed by a comfortable run on jeep track to the ladder across the fence before taking on a very long, steep hill that really challenged the tired legs. At the top of the hill the runners had to follow a faint game track over very rough mountain terrain, leading them back down the hill, and up the next hill. Coming down from the second hill, runners were treated to a watering hole, where previously we had spotted some Zebra and Wildebeest. From the watering hole runners ran down the road onto a narrow stone bridge, and then following a jeep track looped around and doubled back to the fence with the ladder to take them on the last stretch home.

No trail run is without its hiccups, and unfortunately during the previous night the tape that had indicated the track to the stone bridge had been snapped, and some of the faster runners missed this scenic portion of the trail. Those runners simply followed the jeep track back to the ladder, until we had managed to fix the broken tape. The distance was not affected. From the ladder the trail led across a hill, down jeep track and back into the gully, the riverbed with moss covered rocks and uphill through the forest to the finish.

The Amanzingwe Trail run was on of the most challenging and also one of the most fun and exciting trail races I have ever run! It had all the elements of a challenging trail that I enjoy the most, including the slippery slopes, the riverbed routes, the beautiful forest paths, many rocky hills, a stone bridge and a ladder climb. The organizers (WildTrail), sponsors (New Balance, Hammer Nutrition, Compressport, Kinetics and Coastal Hire Centurion) and the venue owners (the beautiful Amanzingwe Lodge) certainly provided all the ingredients to make this a most memorable and enjoyable trail running event. The trail cleaners, Anthony Bold and Allan Smith, are also to be commended for running a clean-up run after they ran the race. It is rumoured that Anthony ran the clean-up run in his red Etana daredevils speedo…perhaps look out for this phenomenon at the next run!


11.9 km Men (and overall) - THABANG MADIBA 00:47:32
11.9 km Ladies- TAKALANI NTHULANE 01:12:36
5 km Men - GREG CURRIE 00:30:27
5 km Ladies - CARIN JOOSTE 00:38:51

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