Stock up on adventure racing supplies with the full range of items and training we sell. If an item is out of stock, don't hesitate to get in touch with us immediately and we'll re-order it right away for you!

Anatomy Protection
Blister Bands
R 99.99  
Nipple Protectors
R 99.99  
Toe Caps
R 149.99  
R 99.99  
Chamois Glide
R 99.99  
For Her
R 89.99  
Liquified Power (for feet)
R 99.99  
Sun Anti-Chafe
R 115.00  
Light Year 22L
R 799.00  
Cable/Bike Locks
4 Foot Bike Lock
R 99.95  
5 Foot Bike Lock
R 159.95  
6 Foot Bike Lock
R 179.95  
Club Cap
R 100.00  
Club Peak
R 100.00  
Skull Beanie
R 99.00  
Indoor Padlocks
5 Dial Padlock
R 99.95  
Brass Sports Lock
R 129.95  
Text Lock
R 99.95  
Ladies' Jackets
Flash Flood Jacket
R 999.00  
Ladies' Phantom XT-2
R 1,099.00  
Ladies' Race Shirts
Assitport Adventure Racing Club Race Shirts
R 650.00  
Ladies' Shorts
Ladies 8 Panel Domestique Shorts
R 499.00  
Ladies Prism Shorts
R 299.00  
Ladies' Tights
Ladies 3/4 Flexi Tights
R 399.00  
Ladies P3 Tights
R 599.00  
Ladies' T-Shirts
Ladies' Trail Tee
R 239.00  
Ladies' Vests
Freedom Vest
R 299.00  
CPR Calf Protectors
R 299.00  
Gaiters - Full Calf
R 199.00  
Gaiters - Lightweight Anklet
R 139.00  
Luggage Locks
4-Dial TSA Luggage
R 99.95  
Mats and Rugs
Medium Sand-Free Multi-MAT (Caravan/Camping)
R 599.95  
Medium Sand-Free Multi-RUG (Beach/Picnic)
R 399.95  
Small Sand-Free Multi-MAT (Caravan/Camping)
R 349.95  
Small Sand-Free Multi-RUG (Beach/Picnic)
R 299.95  
Men's Jackets
Flash Flood Jacket
R 1,099.00  
Men's Phantom XT-2
R 999.00  
Men's Race Shirts
Assitport Adventure Racing Club Race Shirts
R 650.00  
Men's Shorts
Mens 8 Panel Domestique Shorts
R 499.00  
Mens Arrow Shorts
R 339.00  
Mens' Tights
Mens P3 Tights
R 549.00  
Mens Reaction Tights
R 299.00  
Men's T-Shirts
Mens Recovery Tee
R 259.00  
Men's Trail Tee
R 239.00  
Mens Trail Tee Long Sleeve Top
R 279.00  
Personal Security
Pepper Spray - Sports
R 140.00  
Racing Accessories
Assitport Adventure Racing Club Race Box
R 150.00  
Vapur Collapsible Bottles
R 99.95  
Vapur Extra Cap Packs
R 39.95  
Unisex Shirts & Tops
Club T-Shirts
R 100.00  
Piranha Pullover
R 299.00  
Polypropylene Long Sleeve Top
R 349.00  
WarmFX Anti-Pain
R 99.99